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Data Services

Analyse data to gain more insight into your own business.

Consumer behavior insights

Allblo customer analysis service help companies navigate through a large variety of data to obtain in-depth understanding of their consumers. We also help companies build their tailored consumer behavior monitor so that they stay informed about key changes in consumer behavior.

Global Media Heat-map

Allblo Global Media Heat-map is an effective tool to monitor media coverage of a specific topic. We help our clients build a pragmatic framework to automatically track all reports on a specific topic or keywords across information that is available to the general public.

Data Security Solution

Allblo Data Security Solution is a set of data storage and back-up infrastructure allowing companies to store their data in a secure yet searchable manner. We help companies build their data security system to protect sensitive data in the enterprise and their cloud using data-centric encryption and tokenization. We also consult our customers for data security related challenges such as anti-hacking or data recovery.

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