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Software Development

IOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Any platform, any solution.

Software as a Solution (Saas)

Allblo SaaS service is a software development service through which we enable companies to host software applications and makes them available to their customers over the Internet.

Mobile App

Allblo has extensive experience and proven track record in building smartphone applications for both iOS and Android phones.

Html 5 (H5)

We can deliver webpages in H5 language. There are multiple advantages of adopting the standards based HTML5 approach. For example, it is a very cost effective way for companies to plug their designated H5 pages in multiple platforms. H5 pages also enjoy better page ranking. It allows users to browse webpage content without accessing Internet, with consistency across multiple browsers.

Mini Program

Allblo mini-program technology allows companies to build “sub-applications” within the WeChat ecosystem. Such mini-programs are particularly useful when companies are exploring user population in the Wechat ecosystem for various business opportunities such as E-commerce, loyalty programs, member task management, coupons and incentive scheme management.

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